Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Royal Enfield 570cc combination

Here's a factory promotional photo of the Royal Enfield 570cc combination. I believe it dates from 1939. The pressed steel girder forks are quite a distinctive feature, there was a vogue for pressed steel forks through the thirties. Several manufacturers used them on their smaller-engined models but, as far as I know, Enfield were the only ones to use them on their heavyweights.

The 570cc side-valve model was usually known as the Model L, Yesterdays in the Netherlands offered a similar combination a while back and referred to it as a Model H (which I had thought was normally the 500cc sv?) but on the Enfield promotional photo here there is no model designation at all bar 570cc... confusing...


  1. The model H was indeed a 570cc and nearly the same as the model L. The L was the deluxe version with a.o. a chromium petrol tank. It also didn't have the pressed steel girder forks.
    (see Gordon May's book Royal Enfield by miles the best)

    1. Hi Hilbert, thanks for the clarification. I've got Gordon's book somewhere but I'm redecorating and couldn't find it!