Monday, December 27, 2021

Trondhjemsridtet 1919 - 2022 edition

Corona Virus meant there was no European events listing on this site for 2021 and the jury is still out on the merit of putting together a list for 2022 - at the moment it seems like the best option is to point readers back to the 2020 listing and invite to do your own research...

Thanks though to Jon Hodges for reminding me of the Trondhjemsridtet 1919. The event is a revival of one first held in 1919 and is open to pre-1945 machines. There are four days of riding, some of which are on good quality unpaved roads with accommodation in ski lodges and the like. It looks like a really fantastic event, one which I hope someday I shall ride myself. From what I know of the Norwegian coastline and inland scenery this event should take in some of the most spectacular roads to be found anywhere in the world. The event is held in June and there's limited time left to get an entry in - the closing date is 10 January.

Tronhjemsridtet 1919 website


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