Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Bikes I have owned pt IX. Triumph 3TA

This has got to date from the mid to late eighties. Obviously I believed I was the business on this bike! Reality as we can see perhaps tells a different story. Still, that is what motorcycles are about isn't it? A fantasy. In this case the Triumph had all sorts of whiffs of James Dean, the Fonz, The Wild One, etc, etc.

Of course the 3TA, aka Model 21 was the baby bro of all the big glamour Triumphs but it still had the look. It was bought from a local very biker-ish kind of guy, the price was low and it totally showed in the bike. In truth it was remarkable that it ran and kept on running. The front brake was negligable, the rear locked up at the faintest hint of pedal, the handling was poor and the engine occasionally let out a blood curdling squeal on the overun. It did however sound magnificent and look amazing to a seventeen year old and I loved it.

1964 Triumph Twenty One.

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