Friday, August 27, 2021

Himalayan on the Trans European Trail pt 3

Himalayan on the Trans European Trail pt 1

Himalayan on the Trans European Trail pt 2

The third and final day of our Trans European Trail mini-adventure. Day two was tough work in places so it was no surprise that day three started slowly but as we got in to the swing of things we were rewarded with some stunning trails, the first of the day being right across the top of the Brecon Beacons.

This is where we woke up, on top of a mountain
just by the Talybont Reservoir. Beautiful spot but
blighted by midges. No time for a relaxing pack down
here. Just throw the tent and kit in to the panniers and
hot foot it away to escape the biting blighters.

Down by the reservoir we stopped at this point for
a morning brew. Perfect, no midges. Scenic beyond
belief, we were tinged with regret that we did not
pitch up here the night before.

Talybont on Usk. A sweet little village
and for the intrepid it has the bonus of
having a community provided shower
block in the village car park. Very welcome
after two days of riding on the hottest days
of the year.

This stunning trail that started close to
Trescastle took us over the Beacons.

The next stretch of trail started close
to Llandovery and delivered easy
going riding through stunning scenery.

This stretch though was marked by a
lot of gates, we seemed to regularly
pass through the backyards of various

And this was the last stretch of trail
before having to make our separate
ways back home. One of those 'how
did that happen' moments..

So that's it, three days of TETing. At times significantly harder than we had expected it to be. Wales really delivered the goods and I hope to return soon. Equally impressive were the Himalayans, they took everything we threw at them in good spirits and performed better than we had a right to expect them too. 


  1. You carried a chair with you (visible in one shot)? And a tent each? Always impressed by the amount of gear campers are able to pack on motorcycles.

    1. As they say 'nature abhors a vacuum'! I think I took near as much with me as for riding around Africa for a year. The chair is a new addition, I must be getting old... It's pretty neat though, folds up small and very light.