Monday, July 12, 2021

1932 Sunbeam Road Racer Model B

As any enthusiast for vintage bicycles, motorcycles and cars will tell you, a Wolverhampton made Sunbeam is an extremely finely made machine. The design, manufacture and quality of finish is second to none.

Sunbeam bicycles were top end machines in price and quality and the top sporting model was known as the 'R.R.' aka Road Racer. It featured in the catalogue from early days up until 1934. The second model of the RR was introduced in 1928 when the design became a true lightweight in the more modern sense rather than the previous path racer styled machine.

The RR was well thought of enough to have been used in the 1928 Olympics held in the Netherlands by British team member Jack Middleton.

The example in these photos is thought to date from 1932 and is in wonderful original condition. 

Drive side view of the Sunbeam Road Racer.

A wide range of handlebars were available as options.
A pair of Lauterwasser style may well be more
attractive but these ones are original to the cycle.

The rear wheel is double fixed and the frame angles
quite relaxed.

Sunbeam's quality of finish with their
'Japanning' process is of legend. Testament
to this is the survival rate of Sunbeams
in their original finish.

Thoughtful touches abound. Oiler on the
head bearing and rubber cable protector
on the lamp bracket.

The Road Racer features a number of
braze-ons that are a little unusual. Here
is the lamp bracket on the fork.

Original type woods valve with metal cap.

Original reflector on braze-on bracket.

Sunbeam's chainset. Even the cotter pin is of a finish
a cut above.

Paint has survived very well. Transfers
slightly less so.

And the head transfer.

This is a feature specific to the Road Racer.
Many manufacturers used Resilion 
cantilever brakes but only Sunbeam fitted
them with specific braze-ons rather than
ugly clips.

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