Monday, June 7, 2021

Power Pak News - Financial Edition 1953

Advertising material in newspaper format - that old gambit to make your message seem more authoritative...

In this case the good people of Power Pak are persuading you that their cyclemotors are unfeasibly cheap and that they don't chew up tyres as popular rumour might have it. 

The brochure is undated but the Power Pak was introduced in Spring 1950 and there is a testimonial contained within stating 2 and a half years of use. The price of the Power Pak was reduced to 25 Guineas in early 1953 so it's a fair assumption that this edition of Power Pak News was published marking this price reduction.

 For more information on the Power Pak check the icenicam page.

Also have a look at the nacc archive.


  1. Actually quite convincing! And how were they, really?

    1. How were they really? Well, the answer is possibly not quite as bad as you might expect! The Power Pak is generally accepted as the best of the cyclemotors, particularly the later 'Synchromatic' model with clutch.
      There was a chap in the fifties rode one from London to Australia and back via a jaunt across the States, all apparently with no mechanical trouble.
      I suppose as austerity transport they were not too bad and for many better than walking or cycling.
      I've never ridden a Power Pak but I have ridden a few other cyclemotors of the era and they are surprisingly fun to ride.