Thursday, December 5, 2019

Saroléa brochure 1955

1955 Brochure for Belgian made Sarolea motorcycles. A very jolly piece of fifties advertising art. Sarolea were one of the earliest motorcycle manufacturers: having started bicycle production in 1892, they began to sell motor bicycles in the early 1900s.

A brand largely unknown in Britain Sarolea had a stab at selling in the UK in the mid fifties, as this brochure attests to. It wasn't the first time Saroleas had been offered in Britain though, as from 1902 to 1906 they were imported by the London Rubber Company of Shoreditch and sold under the Kerry brand. The British connection continued in the twenties as Sarolea fitted several British components to their machines such as AMAC carbs and Sturmey Archer gearboxes.

The 1955 range was quite broad and I have to admit that I was not aware of most of the models previously. As seen from all the crosses in the brochure only a limited range was imported to the UK. The Atlantic is rather gorgeous and a great European take on the British parallel twin theme. I'm also drawn to the scooters, I've a soft spot for Moto Rumis and the Sarolea offering is a Rumi made under license.

The Sarolea marque has been revived recently and offers one of the nicest electric motorcycles there is out there, but with a very high price tag to match.

Sarolea brochure front cover.

Sarolea brochure page 1.

Sarolea brochure page 2.

Sarolea brochure page 3.

Sarolea brochure page 4.

Sarolea brochure page 5.

Sarolea brochure page 6.

Sarolea brochure page 7.

Sarolea brochure page 8.

Sarolea brochure page 9.

Sarolea brochure page 10.

Sarolea brochure page 11.

Sarolea brochure page 12.

Sarolea brochure page 13.

Sarolea brochure page 14.

Sarolea brochure rear cover.

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