Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New book - Royal Enfield The Early History 1851 to 1930


Definitely a vested interest here as the author is my father so don't expect an unbiased review. Not that I have to embellish this book's qualities - it is a lavishly illustrated, thoroughly researched and readable definitive history of Royal Enfield from the company's origins to the end of the vintage era.

The book is hard-backed, 280 pages and in a large 28 x 21cm format. Bicycles, tricycles and four wheelers are covered as well as motorcycles and the book should be of interest to anyone into Royal Enfields or vintage and veteran motorcycles in general.

Needless to say the book would make a great Christmas present.....

Available direct from the author via eBay:

 or from the following vendors:

Gordon May's Royal Enfield Books


  1. Sounds great. This is what I am getting for Christmas; I intend to see to that!

  2. I bought one of these books yesterday from vintage motorcycle books, great.
    Just what was missing in my book collection something on early Enfields.
    So tell your father he did a great job