Thursday, December 27, 2018

Well used Speed Twin

Here's an early post-war (c1950) rigid Triumph Speed Twin. The optional sprung hub is not fitted on this one but as far as I know the chromed tank was an extra.

This particular Triumph seems to have been quite well-used and the home made pillion looks well padded! I've no idea where the bike is registered, that's certainly not a British number plate on the front mudguard.

Triumph Speed Twin from around 1950. A generously
proportioned pillion seat and a few dings here and there
to show that the bike was well used. I wonder which
country that reg number is from though?


  1. That pillion pad looks like it was simply the cushion from a household chair! The motorcycle seems to have two horns on the side, one fitted somewhat awkwardly facing to the rear. Looks as though there is a tire pump attached to the chain guard. Vegetation in the background is so uniform it must be a plantation of some sort. Rubber trees? So perhaps Indonesia or Malaysia.

    1. Hello David. I did wonder if it was Malaysia somewhere. I've got to admit that I didn't really know what a rubber tree looks like so had to search. I think you are quite possibly right, a rubber plantation seems like a good guess.
      Perhaps the roads were rather bumpy to justify the cushion/pillion pad!
      The chain guard was a common position for a pump on rigid framed bikes. Potentially rather messy if it fell off whilst you were riding though.
      All the best for 2019!