Sunday, December 4, 2016

Southern Classic Off Road & Racing Show

I hadn't made the trek up to Kempton Park for a couple of years so with a free Saturday it seemed like a good idea to drive up and have a mooch around. Normally I've gotten up at the crack of dawn and got in there early. This time it seemed like a plan to be a bit more civilised and aim to leave eight-ish to get in ten-ish. Mistake. I got snarled up in London bound traffic, then the main car park was full and I had to go to the overflow which was a further 15 minute queue down the road and then even arriving late there was still a massive half hour queue to get in. Grumble. Lesson learnt....

Anyway, once in it was the same good old Kempton. Perhaps a bit more general market stall tat on offer than the last time I was there but still a good and big autojumble. The Off Road Show adds a nice extra dimension to it all too. Must make an effort to visit more often. Here's a few snaps of bikes from the jumble and show.

This Norton 500T was very envy inducing. It was parked up
in the jumble but without a price tag.

This Series 1 Enfield Interceptor had been in a fire.
Some pretty serious damage but it sold to someone
who said they were going to resurrect it.

A serious project this Interceptor. But at least it had its
registration document.

1967 Matchless G80CS. £7000 was the asking

Unrestored Excelsior Autocycle, the desirable two speed model.

Some serious work had gone in to this old
school Triumph chop. Look carefully and
there's a supercharger snuggled away behind
the oil tank.

Soft tail is a fairly unconventional choice for
such a chop but certainly makes it more

Got to admit, though not my regular cup of tea,
I kinda liked it.

Unconventional art work on the tank and all the better for it.

Pretty much a textbook modified Royal Enfield Bullet one day
trials. Post '56 frame, raised engine plates, REH hubs, early
narrow magdyno motor and early external clutch arm gearbox.

Mk VIII KTT Velocette and Triumph 3HW / T100 hybrid in
the background.

Francis Barnett trials with rare Ajax head.

Hardtailed Royal Enfield Bullet trials.

Cotton Conquest production racer.

Can Am Qualifier. Just about the same bike as
the military model.

Rather rare Greeves 25TA trials twin.

Always had a soft spot for 50cc racers despite
being way too big for them. Here's an Itom.

Guzzi Condor and Dondolino.

Busy engine unit on the Dondolino

1956 MV Augusta Squalo (Shark) CSS.

DOHC Ducati 125 Grand Prix single.

Gorgeous Rex Acme Blackburne.

1952 Works ISDT Ariel. Competed in the 1952 ISDT in
Austria and the 1953 one in Czechoslovakia and won
Gold medals in each. Also deservedly won Best in Show
at Kempton.

Stone catcher on the Ariel.

There's always a nice selection of bikes in the car park ridden
to Kempton. Bravo for riding out on a Velo KSS in the middle
of winter.

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