Sunday, February 28, 2016

Royal Enfield at Speed...

Not so often you see an 'action photo' of this age featuring regular blokes riding around. This chap larking on his Royal Enfield had the decency to label the back of his pictures so we know that it was taken in 1934. The location is also written down though a little unclear but through the wonders of the interweb it narrowed down to Bereton Road in Rugeley, Stafforshire.

By strange coincidence I put one of these photos up on the Facebook feed before posting here on the blog and Laurent from France of Twist Grip blog got in touch to say that he has different pictures of the same machine in the same location and that the bike is a Model T 150cc. Small world!

Hooning around Rugeley on Royal Enfield Model T 150cc.

Another lap with the Model T Enfield.

Still annoying the neighbours with 150cc of Royal Enfield bark!


  1. Do you think the two near-identical images were meant for stereopticon viewing?

  2. I see where you are coming from but my gut feeling is that they just got a little snap happy!