Saturday, November 14, 2015

Excelsior Autobyk

Posing with an Excelsior Autobyk from the late forties/ early fifties. Autocycles achieved popularity as cheap postwar transport for a nation eager to get on the move again and are generally defined by a 98cc engine capacity, open frame, pedals and usually a clutch is fitted but no gears. With most of the glamour expensive machinery sent abroad for the postwar export drive autocycles were one of the few two wheelers more freely available. The Autobyk was and is considered one of the best of the bunch.

The Autobyk was introduced in 1937 and was originally fitted with the Villiers Junior powerplant. Production ceased in 1939 for the War and resumed in 1946. For 1947 the Super-Autobyk was introduced, this model was fitted with Excelsior's own 'Goblin' engine which was unique amongst autocycles in being fitted with a two speed gearbox. Later in 1947 Excelsior introduced the Autobyk de Luxe which was powered by an Excelsior 'Spryt' motor- the same engine as used by Brockhouse in the Corgi scooter. The Autobyk was discontinued in 1956.

Period photo of an Excelsior Autobyk.

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