Friday, October 23, 2015

Gilera 175 Sport fettling

Some minor improvements to the usability of the Gilera of late. With the charging finally sorted out it seemed like a good idea to get a working rear light. Out went the flimsy CEV unit and in came a Wipac replica, it's a similar shape, cheap and works. I had to make up a simple bent ally bracket to fit it with the remit of not making any more holes in the frame or mudguard than are already there. The bracket is no work of art but it is discreet and works.

The original Brev Orlandi fuel taps were getting very tired and coming to the point where 'tap' was somewhat of a kind description. 'Slight Restrictors of Flow' would have been more appropriate. Being more used to old British iron and slightly unfamiliar with Italian engineering I took out a thread gauge to see what size taps I would need. The thread was 12mm, a quick check with Mr Google informed me that there is very limited choice in this size. A deeper search yielded the fact that 12mm is a size of tap also favoured for Spanish trials bikes. A trip to the bay of E found a pair of taps for a good price that are fuel tight, surprisingly well made and go through each position with a satisfying click.

In theory now ready for hundreds of trouble free miles.....

A good looking bike from any angle.

New rear light bracket.

12mm tap from a Spanish trials bike.

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