Monday, December 29, 2014

Lohmann Cyclemotor 1952

18cc of raw power, the Lohmann is a two-stroke compression ignition oddity. The Lohmann has a variable compression control and though commonly referred to as a diesel cyclemotor it was infact designed to run on paraffin. A petrol / diesel / paraffin / two stroke oil cocktail however apparently in reality suits the motor best.

The Lohmann was imported to the UK by Britax in 1952 and 1953. Britax also imported the Ducati Cucciolo, a machine at the opposite end (functional as opposed to disfunctional) of the cyclemotor market. There's a great potted history of the Lohmann company on the Iceni Cyclemotor and Moped site. The same article includes a test ride, you are left wondering why anyone would want to spoil a perfectly decent bicycle with one of these horrors!

Lohmann cyclemotor brochure front cover.

Lohmann cyclemotor brochure centre pages.

Lohmann cyclemotor brochure rear cover.

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