Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BSA Beeza scooter brochure

A brochure for the 1955 BSA Beeza scooter. The model never made it into production but got far enough for working prototypes to be made, an unveiling at the Earls Court Show and brochures to be distributed.

The Beeza was a good looking scooter of sound design with shaft drive, an electric start and slightly larger wheels than competitors. Unusually it was fitted with a side valve engine of 200cc. The choice of side valve was logical in some respects, easy starting, quiet running, tractable and cheaper to make. The reason it never made production is unclear, officially it was claimed that it would be too expensive to produce, unofficially I have read that the performance was very disappointing and that there were management spats between BSA and Triumph (BSA having taken over Triumph in 1951). It's hard to believe that they dropped it as expensive to produce and then came out with the twin cylinder ohv BSA Sunbeam scooter just two years later...

1955 BSA Beeza scooter brochure page 1.

1955 BSA Beeza scooter brochure page 2.

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