Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1954 Manx Norton Model made by Bert Hooper

This scale model 1954 Manx Norton was one of a pair scratch made from works drawings between 1954 and 1955 by Bert Hooper, Dispatch Manager at Norton Motors' Bracebridge Street factory.

One was presented to Tom Garner for services rendered and the other was given to Gilbert Smith, the Managing Director. The Gilbert Smith example sat into his office until retirement and then disappeared, location unknown. This example is the Tom Garner one and was collected from Bracebridge Street by Graham Garner on the Friday before Silverstone Saturday in April 1955. In the eighties it was bought by a son of Norton works rider Syd Lawton from Graham Garner. It was then passed down the Lawton family to another son before finding a new custodian.

Detail on the model is very fine down to the Avon trademark on the rubber tyres. The petrol tank is one solid lump of aluminium and the chains were made link by link.

If anyone knows of the other model or any further details please get in touch.

1954 Norton Manx model right hand view.

1954 Norton Manx model left hand view.

1954 Norton Manx model petrol tank close up.

1954 Norton Manx model engine close up.

1954 Norton Manx model right hand view.

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