Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sammy Miller Autojumble

The bi-annual Sammy Miller jumble has settled down into being a fine little local parts fair. Garage clear out stalls selling quality junk and lots of folks turning up on interesting bikes. As usual spent too much on 'bargains' myself and left empty pocketed and loaded with prime rusty crap... Here're some pictures from the bike park.

Immaculate Guzzi-engined Triking three-wheeler.

Same Triking, wider angle.

Same Triking again, different angle..

Great period BSA M21 combo. Plenty of period old duffer touches and patina.
Avon handlebar fairing, canvas panniers, white plastic handlebar grips, rust, oil
and plenty of signs of being used as it probably has been the last
sixty years. Along with cockroaches M20s will survive the apocalypse.

Harley shovelhead flat tracker on Ford flat bed caused a lot of envy.
Closer up of that Harley flat tracker. Road legal.

Civilianised Royal Enfield Model CO in nicely used condition.

Couldn't work out if this Tiger 100 was restored a while back or original.
Either way it looked good. I'm not a massive fan of postwar Triumphs but they are
great looking bikes and the pre-unit Tiger 100 is the cream of the crop.

That patinated Triumph again. Missing rocker cap. Vibes, what vibes?