Thursday, May 28, 2015

Not Poole Quay Bike Night

The 'Not Poole Quay Bike Night' is organised by Feked motorcycles and held at their premises on Cranborne Chase. It's been going on since last year and after riding over this week I can't believe that I haven't been before. I had thought that the business was online only but there's a great shop well decorated with old bike bits and pieces and a workshop taking on light work on old bikes. It's all housed in a grand old stable block and bikes park in the courtyard; a nice mix of classics and moderns and a quality burger van on hand selling food and cups of tea for a bargain 50p. If you're local it's well worth a ride over on a Tuesday eve. Here's a few pics from machines that caught the eye. Apologies for the slight low quality, forgot my camera so they're all taken on a phone.

Cute D3 Bantam caught a lot of attention, maybe the most
photographed bike of the night. Nicely done and lightly
modded in the restoration with different 'guards, headlight
bracket and an upswept exhaust.

100 or so bikes turned up.

Smart pre-war AJS rides in through the archway. Brilliant
location for an old bike business.

The humble Honda CD175 is becoming ever more sought
after. Sweet looking bike, classic style and leccy start

A Gold Star always draws a crowd.

Very tidy authentic BSA M20. Apparently the paint atop the
headlight was a special paint for gas detection.

This was my bike of the night. A few years back
no-one was restoring 70s Commandos in the
original lary colours. This metal flake blue one
looked excellent.

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