Sunday, May 10, 2015

Welcome to your new home little Velo

Plans to make more space in the garage are not going well. The Bullet left and this LE (Little Engine) Velocette has snuck in. Swapped for a veteran Douglas gearbox it's one of those 'was working when it was last used bikes'. 

Ownership of an LE Velo puts me in the firing line of derision from friends but they've always intrigued me and trying one out has been on my old motorcycle bucket list for a while. What I don't really need however is another project so I'm going to check this one for the vital signs of life and if it is unresponsive it will have to find a new home. In my world there's no problem with the cosmetics of the Velo that a wipe with an oily rag won't cure and if it can be put back on the road with a little fettling and a new set of tyres then great.

Though the subject of scorn from some quarters of the old bike world LE Velos can't be too bad, they were actually in production for over twenty years and have a very enthusiastic following. In reality it seems that the main criticism you can level against them is in their over complexity (this lead to a high price when new but they are absolute bargains these days) and woeful lack of performance.

Watch this space for more excursions in to the world of the LE Velo.

In the meantime if interested check out these LE Velo sites:

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