Sunday, May 17, 2015

Three-Wheeling Through Africa

Three Wheeling Through Africa was published in 1936. A pair of adventurous American pals goad each other in to a journey across Africa by motorcycle. The route they take is from Nigeria to Eritrea, a trans-continental route that was trail blazed just two years earlier by four wheels. The friends are Charles Wilson and Francis Flood; it is Wilson who penned the book. Their journey is possibly the first coast to coast east west crossing of Africa by motorcycle.

The bikes Wilson and Flood chose for the trip are a pair of Triumph SD combinations, machines that they regularly had to push and manhandle along the route.

What marks Three-Wheeling through Africa apart is an openness and humour rare for a book of its era. The narrator most certainly doesn't take himself too seriously and the book is much the better for it. Although you will see it advertised for high prices it was printed in several editions and is not a particularly rare book so trawl the second hand book shops and seek this one out. 

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