Monday, May 25, 2015

VMCC Stonehenge Whitsun Run

The VMCC Stonehenge Section's Whitsun Run yesterday. A good turnout; sadly I didn't have the spare time for the run, just a ride-out to the start point for a natter and a few snaps.

Some of the start point line up.
I struggle a bit with my fifties / sixties BMW recognition but
I'll put a guess at a R50/2.

A Zundapp 201s is not a machine you often see out and about.

The Zundapp ring-a-ding-dings off.

Also seldom seen is a Puch SVS 250.

This Velocette Venom caught my eye. It looked like a lot of
work had gone in to it. A chat with the owner confirmed this.

Large bore pipe neatly up-swept and tucked-in necessitates
a cut away silencer to clear the swinging arm.

A lot of trick parts on the engine too.

Nearside view of the Venom. It started life as a late model
Clubman's MkII.

Rider's eye view of the Venom.

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