Saturday, May 16, 2015

Baker Villiers

A Villiers-engined Baker. Bakers were only made from 1927 to 1930. The Baker brand was created by Frank E Baker, a character who had been involved in motorcycle manufacture since the early days. Baker had worked at Eadie (bicycle parts manufacturer), Royal Enfield and Premier before founding Precision in 1906. To start with Precision made bicycle components and in 1910 they brought a motorcycle engine to market. The engine was successful and apparently at the 1911 Olympia show 96 machines were fitted with Precision engines. 1912 Precision brought out a complete motorcycle.

Production of Precisions was halted by the First World War. Post war the Scottish Beardmore concern injected cash in to Precision and when a new machine appeared in 1919 it was under the brand of Beardmore Precision. Beardmore pulled the cash in 1924 and Baker too a break from motorcycling manufacture until 1926 when he formed Baker. Depending which source you look at Baker motorcycles were on the market for 1927 or 1928. Not for long though as Baker sold out to James in 1930.

Dapper gent has a fine quality lightweight. It's a Baker
with Villiers power.

Baker motorcycle in front of a good
old-fashioned haystack.

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