Friday, May 1, 2015

Poole Quay April 2015

Nothing more than a few pics from a sunny Poole Quay Bike Night a couple of weeks back.

Someone spent a huge amount of time, effort and, presumably,
money in making this Shovelhead look like a WWII WL.
Why? Well why not.

Not totally my bag but you've got to admire the handiwork.

Not often you see a chop this extreme out on the road.

Woah! Customised Honda Silver Wing super scoot. I really
wanted the owner of this creation to be a Pearly King or Queen
but when they turned up they actually looked pretty normal.

Say what you want but you are guaranteed to never see another
one like this. 

Cammy Norton. Pure class.

Love it! Green metal flake Lambretta cut down
with crazy green high back banana seat.

The two oldest machines there that night.

Honda Spacey. Don't know why but somehow I like it.

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