Friday, April 24, 2015

Sammy Miller Museum Royal Enfield Ride-In

Lots of events on last weekend but a sunny day, an Enfield J2 that needed a few miles putting on it and the Sammy Miller RE Ride-In made it a fairly easy choice.

The Museum organises a few ride-ins over the year, most of them marque specific. This was the first I had been to and though not a huge event the atmosphere was right and the surroundings good. Sammy himself gave a tour of the Museum workshops, great to see that he takes a genuine joy in showing fellow enthusiasts around. On the workbenches were a '26 Brough Superior Pendine, 350 and 500cc Excelsior Manxmans and a Zundapp KS800 flat four. Two of the machines were museum property and two commissioned restorations. There're not many museums out there where you can get a tour from a genuine motor racing legend.

I couldn't stay too long at the Ride-In as there was a Sunday lunch appointment with the in-laws but I managed to have a coffee at the Museum cafe, mooch around, have a chat with a few folks and take some snaps..

Bikes parked in the Museum's courtyard.

Unusual Royal Enfield Olympic model with the same leading
link forks as the Super 5.

Cracking unrestored Model G.

This Model G spent most of its life on the Isle of Wight.

Line up of British, Indian and hybrid Enfields.

Quirky oil catch tank on this Indian / British
hybrid Bullet.

A lot of thought and work has gone in to this hybrid Bullet.
Redditch frame, Indian lean-burn motor and five speed

This 'Big Head' Bullet has been a local bike for years. I can even
remember seeing it around as a kid. It's not changed much, just a
foam saddle instead of a sprung one if memory serves me right. I
can even remember the wooden battery box from before.

The 'Big Head' Bullet deserves a place in the pantheon of
Great British Singles.

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