Thursday, April 9, 2015

1997 Bullet 500 for sale

- Now Sold -

The time has come to part ways with a faithful friend. This Bullet has been with me since it was six months old. It was bought in India then ridden home via Pakistan, Iran and Turkey on a year long trip. Since then it has been down to the Sahara and across in to Europe many times. It had a sidecar fixed to it for a short while and has completed several long distance trials. That's not to say it is worn out, it has always been looked after mechanically and few parts are the same as when it left the factory. It is registered as a 350 though is currently running a 500 motor which has something like 10,000 miles on it.

Here's the spec with a list of different from standard parts:
- 21 inch front wheel with alloy rim and stainless spokes
- 18 inch rear wheel with alloy rim and stainless spokes
- high output 3 phase alternator with boyer powerbox
- boyer micro-digital electronic ignition
- amal carb and k & n filter
- leather pan type saddle
- rear carrier
- alloy front mudguard
- stainless rear mudguard
- stainless rear wheel trim
- stainless pilot light rims
- stainless headlight peak
- Lucas type rear light
- British bullet petrol tank
- Smiths repro speedo
- Lucas repro ammeter
- Hitchcocks stainless toolbox lid screw conversion
- Hitchcocks fibreglass electrics cover
- Hitchcocks alloy points cover
- Samrat rockers
- Samrat tappet cover
- old style battery carrier with rubber battery dummy case and new battery inside
- led rear bulb, halogen front
- bullet type indicators

The bike rides well and is ready to use. Though it had a sidecar for a few months it tracks straight and will ride hands off. Should be good for green laning, touring or just cruising the back roads. Pretty much ready straight away to head off on a big adventure should the mood take you..

Will be a bit sad to see it go but have too many bikes and too many projects on.

I'm in Southern England, send a message via the blog if interested.

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