Sunday, April 12, 2015

Prescott Bike Festival 2015 pt1

Slung a leg over the BMW this morning and headed North for the Prescott Bike Festival. The Bugatti Owners' Club owned hill climb is a great venue for a bike event, enough space for a few stalls and exhibits and of course the historic hill for demonstration runs. The bonus of it being BOC owned is that catering is a bit above usual bike show stuff too!

The weather gods were kind and big numbers of spectators turned up. Plenty of interesting bikes to see and a good showing of three wheelers too. The demonstration runs ranged from the impressive (super motos giving it some beans, Manx Nortons and a feisty Grinall three wheeler) to folks going up on Yamaha Fizzies but it was all good fun and that is what it is all about, that and raising money for Blood Bikes.

Here's the first tranche of stand out machines from the day...

Moto Guzzi engined Triking style home brewed three wheeler
by the name of 'Silverfish'.

Nicely executed Ducati new school cafe racer.

For me this was the stand out machine of the event. I was
lucky enough to have a chat with the owner / builder who
filled me in on the details. More below...

The front suspension, brakes and steering are from a
Westfield kit car.

All panels are aluminium and hand beaten.

Lines of the machine are very elegant, probably the prettiest
home built three wheeler I've seen.

Detailing is excellent.

Power plant and drive train is Honda Pan-European. 140hp
gives plenty of welly.

Unusual to see a Rickman Metisse combo. This one has a
Triumph pre-unit motor.

Great finish on the tank of a trials Cotton.

Here's the full Cotton trials. Had a chat with the owner. It's
been rebuilt recently to use rather than shine. A nice job done
of renovating a machine whilst keeping character.

Another three-wheeler. JZR Daytona.

Front view of the JZR.

Lambretta LD, rennovated yet rusty and packing a surprise.

Drive train has been replaced with a newer Piaggio unit.

Nice job.

This one had me lusting. Ultra rare Magni Moto Guzzi Daytona.

The Magni Guzzi again, beautiful from every angle.

Can't resist.. one more detail of the Magni.

Definitely one of these would be in my fantasy garage.
Douglas 90 Plus production racer.

The brake fitted to the 80 and 90 Plus Douglas is possibly
the finest looking brake to come out of any British factory.

Another detail on the Dougie.

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