Thursday, April 23, 2015

Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club Five Valleys Run pt2

More snaps from the Five Valleys Run...

Pilot's eye view of a Triking.

Triking motive force.

And it's off.

Cracking well used Triumph Tiger 100.

There was a time when British motorcycles
were everyday transport and this is what they
look like used regularly!

Sensible Avon fairing on a sensible Matchless.

Matchless sets off. A good serious rider's machine.

I had a chat with the owner of this Moto Guzzi Spada III. I owned
a really bad example of one for a short while and seeing this made
me somehow miss it. Speaking to the owner I remembered that my
knees rubbed against the fairing and that changing the rear wheel
involved taking off the silencers and brake caliper. Still a great
looking and performing bike, it's just that the memory refresher
slightly killed my nostalgia!

Douglas on the move.

AFS Matchless single.

Vintage Scott showing the way with some two stroke smoke.

Sweet Triumph Daytona.

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