Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lands End Trial 2015 pt1

Though I was at home for the Lands End this year I didn't enter. The reason for this mostly down to not currently having a suitable bike for the event. Though I love the concept of riding a classic in the trial, job and family commitments were meaning that I was getting jaded spending all of my rather limited workshop time for a couple of weeks either side of the trial first prepping a machine and then fixing it afterwards. Though the satisfaction for me would be lesser in a modern mount there is a great joy in just wheeling it out of the garage ready to go before a trial and then hosing it down and putting it away for the next event after. If anyone has a decent Beta Alp or Yamaha Serrow etc available then get in touch....

So, the next best thing to entering is spectating (or perhaps marshalling - I wasn't in a position to give the commitment for it, maybe next year...). I rode the BMW R100RS down to a friend's house in Wadebridge Friday eve and saw as I crossed the border to Cornwall competitors heading North. I was arriving and just about to get a decent meal, a few ales in a local pub and a good night's sleep, their journey was very much in the opposite direction. At this point I didn't feel particularly jealous of them!

Next morning, slightly jaded from too long in the pub we headed down to Blue Hills to take in the sights. Were it not for the sore head I would have felt smug as by the time they reached Blue Hills there were a few riders looking quite broken. Of course many were thoroughly enjoying their trial, it's just that I am often one of the broken ones having hauled an unsuitable Royal Enfield up many steep and muddy hills.

A result of the excess ale consumption was stupidly leaving my camera behind in Wadebridge so what is here is taken on a phone, not too bad until you zoom in. Most of the pictures speak for themselves so few captions.

First up a short clip. My oftentimes trialing companion Dan taking it nice and steady and cleaning Blue Hills 1. He arrived good and early, obviously this was because I was not riding with to encumber his progress!

The winch atop Blue Hills saw plenty of action later on towing up
reluctant cars.

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