Friday, April 17, 2015

Salisbury Motorcycle and Light Car Club Five Valleys Run pt1

Last Sunday on the way to Prescott I dropped in on the Salisbury Motorcycle and Light car Club's Five Valleys Run. The weather was good and the start point was more or less on the way so why not. The turn out was big, moderns and olds and plenty of interesting machinery. I came close to knocking the Prescott idea on the head and staying and riding the run but the plan was to possibly meet up with a friend at Prescott so I pushed on after taking a few snaps and watching folks ride off.

There's always something great about old bikes leant up
against trees. This Triumph Twenty One was a nice original
survivor and made a fine ornament to the tree.

Greeves-Triumph hybrid (or Grumph as I prefer to know them)
was really well done and one of the neatest I've come across.

Lurid yellow Ducati 750ss is shouting for attention.

Sweet line-up of machinery.

Matchless off-roader looked initially like a bobber but it was
just the road tyres and Bates headlight gave that impression.
A very pretty bike.

Vincent Comet close-up.

Guzzi-engined three-wheeler.

Pretty sure it is a home build rather than kit car.

The Lamb Engineering chop with updated & modernised JAP
twin engine was out and riding. Nice engineering on the bike
and sounded sweet too. Surprisingly civilised sounding for
open valves and pipes.

Flip side of the Lamb JAP.

Francis Barnett and Greeves.

A few pre-war bikes were mixing it with the

Post-vintage Velocette and vintage Scott.

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