Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Prescott Bike Festival 2015 pt2

Some more pics from Sunday's trip to Prescott....

BSA B50SS Gold Star. When these came out they were almost
as much of an afront to dyed in the wool BSA enthusiasts as
was the Ariel 3 moped. Using the hallowed name of the Gold
Star in vain. Now though quite a popular bike for what they

Sweet plunger Beesa and sidecar in the bike

Something not right about this Lambretta. Spot
the twin exhausts and forward mounted radiator.
An Italjet motor is hiding inside.

Beautiful flat tank Model 18 Norton on the Norton Owners
Club stand.

Same Norton. Great used look about it.

Another beauty on the NOC stand. Garden Gate Manx.

There were actually two Magni Moto Guzzis at Prescott. The
ultra rare Daytona Magni and this merely very rare Magni Sfida.

Ossa Yankee 500cc two stroke twin racer conversion.

I love Nortons. I love Velocettes. This hill
climb special Norvel ticked both boxes.

Novel again. Very functional and with a certain

'Spring Heel Jack' 1927 works KSS Velocette with experimental
Bentley and Draper rear suspension. Tried out at the 1928 TT
in practice but judged unsuccessful.

Sprin Heel Jack on the hill. Sadly when I saw it the bike wasn't
running sweetly at all.

Nice Honda CB750 based chop. Raked, lowered, solid rear
struts and a BSA fuel tank.

Another cracking Honda CB750 based special, this one a cafe
racer. Beautifully executed.

Lovely functional Norton ES2 based race bike.

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