Thursday, June 5, 2014

VMCC Stonehenge Whitsun Run

 Some photos from a jaunt on the Norton Dommi over to the VMCC Stonehenge Whitsun Run. A cracking ride over to Drusilla's Inn with the pleasure of following behind a Series D Vincent Rapide for most of the way. Sadly not enough spare time to ride the run so just took some snaps, had a natter and waved folks off.

The start of the run is in spitting distance of Horton Tower,
built in 1750 as a folly by the Lord of Horton Manor. A folly
is of course a building with no purpose though it is speculated
that Horton Tower was perhaps built either as an observatory or
a viewing post for hunts. Now it is sadly slightly neglected
and used as a mobile phone mast. 

Velocette KSS.

Great to see a D1 Bantam still giving service to a learner rider.

Ariel KH 500cc twin in extremely tidy condition. It sports an
alloy barrel, I haven't heard of any later model 500 twins
being fitted with one so I am assuming it comes from an
earlier KHA model.

Close up of the alloy top half on the Ariel twin as above.

1948 Velocette MSS that has been in single
family ownership most of its life. Heavily modified
back in the day and all the better for it. It was
supplied by Bob Fosters in Parkstone and was
originally girder fork / rigid frame. 

The same 1948 MSS Velo. Early on it gained a McCandless
swinging arm. The girder forks were dropped in favour of Dowty
air forks. It now has regular Velo teles fitted. The front brake
is a BSA 8 inch and there are several goodies from a KSS
model fitted, notably the oil and petrol tanks.
A modern take on the Triton theme. Norton
wideline chassis with Hinckley Triumph engine
and front end.

The Hinckley Triton again. It all fits together quite nicely
and the quality of the execution is excellent.

A close up of the Hinckley Triton.

Pre-war HRD Meteor out and about. Nice to
see that they're not all hidden away in

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