Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Velocette brochure 1952

The Velocette brochure from 1952 when there were just two models in the range: the steadfast MAC which had just had its Dowty air forks replaced by Velo's own design in 1951 and a re-design of cylinder head for 1952 and the Mk II Little Engine model introduced the year before. Velocette had all their hopes pinned on the LE but by 1952 reality had already dawned that it wasn't going to be the mass market seller that they had hoped for. Wonderful design though the LE may well have been the public were not particularly interested in a pricey, highly sophisticated two wheeler of very modest power. Particularly not when a BSA Bantam could perform the same duties for a lot less money..

1952 Velocette brochure front cover.

1952 Velocette brochure fold up flap.

1952 Velocette brochure fold out centre.

1952 Velocette brochure rear cover.

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