Monday, June 30, 2014

BMW R100RS Baglux tank cover

The latest step in re-invigorating the Beemer R100RS to grand tourer par excellence status is a Baglux tank cover. I'm over the days of fitting a magnetic tank bag that picks up any stray swarf from around the shed and then scours your pride and joy's paintjob. The Baglux is a neat system, a made to measure tank cover specific to your bike and then a choice of tank bags to clip on and off.

I ordered from Motorcycle Heaven on the sole basis that they were one of the few who listed the cover for BMW airheads and the price was keen. A tip for anyone else ordering - if you buy the cover first they send you a 10% off voucher that you can then use against the tank bag. Postage is free on both. To save everyone time and money you might as well get in touch, request the discount and buy both together. The cover is made to order so the lead time was about three weeks.

Fit on the cover is excellent. I ordered it in 'anthracite' which I have always pictured as very dark grey. Baglux's version of anthracite is a grey blue. In other circumstances I might have sent it back but by good fortune it compliments the 100RS's light blue colour scheme pretty well.

Nearly all ready now for a trip to Chimay for the Classic races next month.

BMW R100RS Baglux tank cover.

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