Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greeves 24TE and 24TES Scottish brochure 1962

Brochure for the 1962 Greeves trials models 24TE and 24TES. The TE had an iron barrel and the TES was fitted with Greeves' own alloy barrel and head. The bikes were popularly known as 'Scottish' models though there is no mention of that name on the brochure. The engine was the Villiers 32A 250cc, there was also a 20TE iron barrel model fitted with the Villiers 197cc 9E motor.

Great bikes, I've used a Scottish in the Edinburgh trial and finished though without award. I also had a crack at the Exeter less successfully. To be honest the Villiers motor isn't really the right tool for a long distance trial. To gear it and have a high enough state of tune to cover distances between sections you have to give up a lot on tractibility. I found the engine baulked a lot on the hills. Having said that some guys compete on Francis Barnetts so maybe I should persevere and find the right level of tune...

Greeves Scottish brochure page 1.

Greeves Scottish brochure page 2.

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