Friday, June 13, 2014

Elswick Lincoln Imp project finished

The Lincoln Imp is finally ready for action. The build threw up a few challenges and resulted in some last minute swapping around of components but the end result looks a whole and right so you can't ask for much more.

Since the last post on the build the Imp has lost all the components that we proving tricky to fit and gained a set of Sturmey Archer Steelite hub wheels. These wheels were robbed from the Jack Hearne cycle I have but in turn the 27" wheels and Mafac brakes that were planned for the Imp fitted the Hearne a treat so it seemed like the right thing to do.

The Imp had been proving very difficult to fit a more recent gearset to. The Campag Nuovo Record rear mech had to be subjected to some judicious filing to get it to fit, the Mafac brakes were lacking in reach at the rear and the final straw was that the Campag gear lever proved to be impossible to fit on to the Benelux braze-on without some serious modification. Luckily I found that the new era Sturmey Archer three speed thumb shifter can be dismantled and fitted on to a derailleur lever mount.

The only component left to source was a saddle. I picked up a Selle Italia retro job.  It finishes off the cycle nicely. Overall very happy with the end result. The huge frame / wheel clearances caused by the drop to 700c wheels give me some aesthetic concerns but I think moving up to a more generous tyre size should sort that out. The Imp is currently on 23 width tyres and should be able to go up to 28 no problem.

Time to start scouring parts for the next build. A Sun Manxman, more on that one to come.

Mafac drilled levers, GB stem and moustache bars.

New school Sturmey lever fits nicely onto the braze-on mount.

Sturmey Steelite hub and nice pinstriping on the Imp.

All its glory. The forks look bent but it's just the angle.

A fine looking cycle

Just need to get out and use it.

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