Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Velosolex in Saint Tropez

We were down in the South of France for a family holiday recently and had a day out in St Tropez. Plenty of bikes there, loads of swanky super scoots, guys expressing their individualism through buying identikit Harleys and the occasional formulised brat style Triumph Bonneville. The stand alone machine though was this Velosolex with plastic crate on the back. I like to think that it is owned by some uber-dude who has transcended motorcycle fashion and come out the other side riding this beast but it could also belong to an old duffer who has had it since new. The great thing is it doesn't matter, this steed costs a fraction of the price of those around it and oozes an attitude that is to be cherished.

The baddest bike in St Tropez. Velosolex.

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