Saturday, June 21, 2014

Model P Triumph

Several photos of the same Model P Triumph taken at different times. The same dapper gent astride the machine in each image modelling a fine line in hats. The Model P was Britain's two-wheeled Ford T in that it was a decent quality product sold at a price significantly below that of its competitors. By the time production had finished in 1927 somewhere around 55,000 Model Ps had left the Triumph factory gates.

More on the P at VMCC Marque Specialist Peter Cornelius' Pre-War Triumph pages. 

1926 or perhaps 1927 Triumph Model P.

This is what all well dressed motorcycling gentlemen
should be wearing. A suit, bow tie and 'ecky thump'
flat cap.

The Model P has gained a pair of legshields.

Photo not quite on target, got most of the bike in though.
This time a natty trilby for headgear.

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