Friday, May 11, 2018

Velos for sale-os

The bicycles in my workshop have gotten a bit out of hand of late so I've decided that perhaps several of them need new homes. I could consider posting them but would far rather they were collected. Any enquiries just email - address to the right.

CWS (Co-Operative Society) ladies single speed loop frame.
Probably thirties. Very nice and original, all working though
could really do with some new tyres. £95

Elswick Hopper Lincoln Imp. Built this one up a few years
ago and have used it a fair old bit. A great fun ride.  GB stem,
flat bars, Sturmey Steelite 3 speed with drum brakes, Alessi
aero rims. £275

Jack Hearne road bike. Very small frame with 27" wheels.
GB bars and stem, Campag hubs and gears, Mafac Racer
brakes. £250


  1. There was a time when you could just tie a label to it and send it by train from your local rail station.
    That was before our 'improved' modern lives

    1. If only it were so easy nowadays. For that matter, if only we still had a local train station. A lightweight cycle isn't too bad to parcel up but sending a 1920s rod braked roadster by post is not a task to undertake lightly.