Tuesday, May 1, 2018

BSA Gold Vase with Cyclo gears

This is one my 'not sure what possesed me' projects. It's been ongoing for a little while and, to be honest, I have rather forgotten my initial motivation. I think it was either that I had a pair of Alta girder forks that I wanted to match up with a bicycle or it might have been that I fancied something with early Cyclo gears. Either way I ended up with a bare BSA Gold Vase frame and forks.

Somehow the project morphed into building up an ultimate period cycle for adding a clip on engine to. A pair of British Hub tandem wheels came in to the mix for their sturdiness and big drum brakes. As it turned out the girder forks didn't fit properly but by the time I found that out I was already deep enough in that there was no turning back...

The finish on the frame is a bit ratty but it is original and still vaguely carries its original transfers. I like to keep original paint whenever it is feasable too as it has a lot more character, saves cost on a rebuild and just plain looks better.

The project is nearly there now, all that is really left is to make some cables. The twin cables for the Cyclo gears seem to be a pig of a job to get the dimensions right and find the right nipples for but I'll put the time in as it's got to be done to finish it all off. After that just got to source an interesting cyclemotor...

BSA Gold Vase bitsa.

Cyclo gears - it's been a learning curve setting them up, there
are no end stops and adjustment is purely on cable tension and
freewheel spacing. Not quite there yet but soon will be.

BSA wing nuts were a nice find.

Cyclo twin cable gear lever. The stuff of nightmares
if you have as much dislike of making cables as I do!

Faded original transfers.

Rather beaten about but still quite tasty Bluemels Airweight

Not sure of the make of these moustache bars but they are very
lovely. Shockstop grips and a Lucas Comet bell compliment nicely.

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