Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Beaulieu Spring Autojumble 2018

A free Saturday to go out and play and several events to choose from. As the weather was so hot, I didn't want to get up early and Beaulieu is just down the road, I decided on the Spring Autojumble. The added bonus was that my British Motorcycle Charitable Trust membership got me in for free.

The Spring jumble feels like somewhere between a quarter and a third of the size of the Autumn one, that said it is still reasonably large. The atmosphere is good and there are interesting things to see though the two wheeled content is small. Most of the stalls are regular traders rather than garage clear out types, I only found one bicycle light to buy but there was plenty to gawp at and just wandering around and having a natter and banter with folk along the way makes for a pleasant day. Below a few pictures of odd and sods that caught my eye...

Harding Tricycle with Cyclemaster powered wheel.

1929 Baker Villiers 250cc. Needed a full rebuild, some would
leave cosmetically as is others might restore. £2850 was the
asking price.

Another angle of the Baker.

BSA unit twin (a 1969/70 model I believe) was tidy, not too
sure if offered for sale or not.

This is the kind of thing that makes Beaulieu
special and fun to wander around.

This was my biggest temptation, a Rudge
Autocycle in fantastic unrestored condition.
£1500 was asked.

MV Augusta Ipotesi 350cc twin.

Sweet little 175cc Ducati.

A very classic motor shape.

Citroen 2CV on the road and rusty. Something
appealing about these, can't say the work
needed would appeal though. £525 to you sir.

Not being in to the old car world particularly
I was surprised how reasonably priced some
are in comparison to motorcycles of the same
era. This 1937 Morris 14 was £5000. The list of
work recently carried out must have near cost
that in parts alone.

And this 1937 Austin 10 in 'drive it away'
condition was £3250. It was a bit scruffy but
did have a lot of charm. Seems like the 'grey
porridge' of the pre-war car world is very
cheap in comparison to bikes but as soon as
you are talking about any car with sporting
pretensions the price sky rockets.

1960 Auto Union, three cylinder two stroke
1000cc. ASking price £6750.

As an added attraction the museum fired up their BRM V16.
They spent a long time bigging it up as the noisiest thing
ever to the extent of handing out ear plugs. After all the
hype is seemed actually slightly subdued, not a lot louder
than my 350 Gold Star. Granted that does reflect badly on
my Goldie and me for using it out on public roads but the
point is the BRM was not that loud...


  1. If you're still tempted by it (and you might not enjoy me bringing this up!): I just happened to see that that Rudge Autocycle has made it's way onto ebay now...

    I personally quite like that 1929 Baker Villiers, but would have a hard time deciding in what state to leave the paintwork.


    1. So sorry, missed your comment - for some reason I stopped getting notifications for a while. Thanks for the heads up on the Rudge, yes I was tempted but in the meantime I spent my spare bike money on something rather different - a Buell!
      Tough call with the Baker. I probably would have left it as is, but then again I neither particularly like nor am much good at painting!