Thursday, May 3, 2018

Indian Scout

A bit of a fantasy machine for me this one. An Indian Scout from the late twenties, if I were pushed give an exact year I would say 1927 though am happy to stand corrected.

Without wishing to be controversial, the Scout is from a period where America was still making innovative and world beating motorcycles before hitting stagnation in the thirties. A machine to rival anything produced in Europe in performance and quality. The handlebars on this particular example are a thing of beauty, were they a standard fitment, an option or aftermarket? They are certainly different from the more usually seen sit 'up and beg' bars. Alas, I'm not enough of an Indian afficianado to know.

Stunning Indian Scout in sporting spec.


  1. This is an early Scout, I would say 1920 with the Dixie magneto.
    The short handlebars, I have seen mosly on photo's from the UK, don't know if the UK importer liked them.

    1. Many thanks, seems like I was a good few years out on my guess! Perhaps at that time Indian had a more sporting image in the UK hence the drop bars? Maybe folks wanted to be like Freddie Dixon.