Friday, May 4, 2018

Motorcycle Clubs of Wessex

Not so many years back just about every town of any size across the UK had its own dedicated motorcycle club. There is still, of course, a flourishing local scene both at sporting and social levels but it is fair to say that it is vastly different from what it once was.

I wouldn't really say I collect club machine badges but when I see one from a club local to me at a reasonable price I do have a tendency to reach for my wallet. The below is a small selection of clubs from back in the day active in the Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire region.

I know absolutely nothing about the Holmsley and District
Motor Cycle Club but what a great badge and logo! I've never
seen another like this.

The Sturminster Newton Motor Cycle and Light Car Club
were one of the more active clubs in the local area. As far as
I know though now defunct.

The Somerton and District Motor Cycle and Light Car Club
were formed in 1948 and are still going strong.

Also still going strong is the Yeo Vale MCC. Formed in 1945.

The Bridport and District MCC was founded
in 1949. In 2011 they merged with the Weymouth
MCC to become the Bridport and Weymouth MCC
and are still active.

At one time the Blackmore Vale MCC was a very well
recognised club, known nationally, if not internationally
for organising the Blandford Road Races which attracted
top level riders and factory machinery. Still going but without
a web presence. 

A later version of the Blackmore Vale MCC machine badge.


  1. As bad as me, except my vice is watch fobs.

    1. Strange afflictions indeed! At least our vices are harmless apart from the occasional dent to the pocket.