Thursday, May 24, 2018

Henstridge Biker's Blast May 2018

Third Wednesday eve each month through the summer there is the chance to have a hare down Henstridge airstrip. There's no timer, but then again there are no rules apart from wear a legal helmet, pay two quid and sign a disclaimer. A good chance to race a mate, give your bike its head or make practice runs with a pukka drag bike / sprinter.

A few classics turn up, I haven't seen anyone else run their oldie down the strip which is a pity given that there's no bar on what bike you ride. I was hoping to give the Gilera a run but it was off colour on the way over so I decided to skip it. There were a few monkey bikes and chinese 125s running so I might have given them decent competition!

Always good to see a Beemer toaster. This
one an R75/5.

BB32 touring Goldie.

In my mind the BB motors are the most handsome
of Gold Stars.

And again with its Triumph TR6 buddy.

Yamaha TDR250 should have given a good run down the
strip if its owner felt so inclined.

Suzuki B-King, one of my favourite recent bikes.

Comic book brutalist looks but heaps of
character, monstrously quick and a hoot
to ride.

And this is what it is all about.

Gadzooks! Anything goes.

Slightly off colour Gilera - blocked jet I believe. Then a split
battery on the way home leaking out acid everywhere.

Laverda triples in lary colours.

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