Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dunelt Moped 1956

Single page flyer from 1956 for the Dunelt moped. Pre-war the Dunelt brand had been known for an innovative range of supercharged two strokes. In 1935 Dunelt quit motorcycle production and in 1937 they sold out their bicycle brand to Raynal. Raynal were in turn bought out by Tube Investments in 1950. TI were, of course, also the owners of the Raleigh bicycle brand. Dunelt branded bicycles were available through until the sixties when TI dropped the name.

Through the fifties several prototype mopeds with the Dunelt brand were made by TI, the last of which is the below. The 1956 Dunelt used a German Rex two speed engine and apparently never made it in to full production.

Of course by this point all Dunelt was to TI was one brand in their large portfolio of names in British cycling and motorcycling. The Dunelt moped was not dropped altogether as if you look carefully there is a clear link to the Phillips Gadabout. The earlier Gadabouts were rigid framed devices but there was a springer frame prototype fitted with a three speed Rex unit that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Dunelt. More about the Phillips Gadabout on the Iceni CAM site

1956 Dunelt moped flyer

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