Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saucy shorts

Enjoying a camping holiday in the thirties. The freedom of cycling!

Two lasses enjoying a cycling holiday.


  1. Of course it was absolutely necessary to roll up the pants legs a bit. No doubt a family outing at Dad's head is visible to the right as he cluelessly tends to the tent. Bits of cloth tied around the tent cables so no one stumbles on them. The bike has fenders, pump and rack but no chain guard. I'm starting to realize a guard wasn't always fit back in the day. With those shorts, of course, there was no worry about being snagged, was there?

    1. The great thing about these old snaps is you can make up your own back story! I didn't notice the rags tied around the guide ropes to avoid trips - that's a very dad thing isn't it!