Thursday, June 15, 2017

Motorworks BMW choke lever conversion

My R80 combo was suffering from continuing rough running despite a carb rebuild. It felt as if it was running partly on the choke and with the tank off and a look at the woeful state of the choke cables it probably was. The bike only needs choke for initial start up on a cold day so I did consider dispensing with a choke altogether but thought better of it. The choke cable routing is pretty torturous and the cables are pricey. Luckily I remembered browsing through the Motorworks website and seeing their choke conversion a few weeks earlier. The conversion is only a bit more expensive than a new set of cables and simplifies set up and cabling. Of course there is the disadvantage that you have to bend down to the carbs to operate the choke but I found that a small price to pay.

Motorworks Bing carb choke conversion.
The kit is nicely made in stainless and comes with a neat aluminium blanking cover for the choke lever on the clutch cluster. Fitting is straightforward though a little bit fiddly getting the pinch bolts in place and at first it seems like the operating angle for the plunger is all wrong. In practice the new levers work fine and setting them up is a doddle. Smooth running was restored to the bike. Now, if I could only sort out the ferocious thirst of the dreaded Bings!  

And the choke conversion fitted. Whilst at it I replaced the nasty
crosshead carb top bolts with niceer looking and more
convenient stainless allen bolts.

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