Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vintage Revival Montlhery 2017 part 5

The final batch of pictures from the Vintage Revival. Happy memories from a month ago.

One of a pair of unusual Puch 250 two strokes.
This one had been modified for racing post war.
That megaphone looks loud!

And here's the original spec one. Look closely
and it is a very unusual bike. The crank is in-line
with the frame but to avoid a bulky and crunchy
car type clutch a la BMW the clutch is in the rear

And here  is the Puch's clutch. External band
brake on the right side, clutch on the left and the
actuating mechanism is a scroll acting on a
pushrod that goes through the hollow rear axle.

1930 AJS R7 with Brooklands history came
down from Norway to be displayed.

An unusual feature on th AJS is the front brake
cable that goes through the fork tube. Neat.

ABC race car.

1904 Griffon 500cc Paris Madrid racer and Simplex

1900 Lamaudiere et Labre 230cc

Singer Motor Wheel from c 1902.

Excelsior 1919 board tracker replica comes
with ready made patina.

Gorgeous inlet over exhaust v twin Rudge Multi.

Perfecta Rigal racing tricycle from 1899. 760cc,
a side by side motor but perhaps could be called
a very early, if not the first, parallel twin?

Unusual Hurtu tandem - the frame is made from
light gauge small diameter twin tubes.

Lovely veteran Alcyon v twin. Early French
manufacturers seemed to have been keen on
well made but poorly designed rocking front
forks. A step up from veteran Triumph forks
that were poorly designed and averagely made!

Early veteran Peugeot restored in race spec.

Not sure of the marque but this ladies cycle
is hugely unusual.

A leaf spring stands in for the saddle tube and
the remainder fo the frame is a casting. It
looks heavy!

Mouth watering 8 valve Koehler Escoffier v twin.

The Koehler Escoffier in all its magnificence.

Finally, from the bike park, I really liked this Kawasaki W650
based chop.

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