Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Alan cycle finishing touches

Sometimes a project is 99% finished and then somehow just gets left for a while. I got that far with my Alan a couple of years ago and then stopped for a while and just hung it up on the wall as an ornament. Truth is the reason that it stalled was that I wanted to finish off the full Campagnolo spec but was a bit bowled away by the price of a decent set of aero pedals.

After a good while of sitting looking at it all forlorn and pedal-less I resumed the search with adjusted expectations of how much I would have to pay. After a while adrift on the bay of e a pair floated my way, they're not perfect but they're not half bad either. Seemed like a good opportunity for the Alan to see some metal polish and daylight. So here it is in all its completed glory, shiny and be-pedalled.

There's a lot to get stuck in to with the Autosol on an Alan!

Love this cycle. The only cycle I have that is a nostalgia trip
for me. All the stuff I couldn't afford as a teenager!

Campag delta brakes. Magnificent folly.

Excessive complication for no gain but beautiful
to look at.

No cycle of the era is complete without a Rolls saddle.

Campag pedals on Campag crank.

No indexed shifting here.

Cinelli XA internal wedge stem and delta brake.

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