Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Vintage Revival Montlhery 2017 part 4

The penultimate tranche of snaps from a fine weekend spent at the Vintage Revival. A few short movie clips thrown in for good measure too.

Pavel Malanik's extraordinary scratch built Torpedo replica.

A genuine work of art.

The remarkable thing is how it looks so new but so period
authentic. The bike appears to have been made entirely with
traditional methods. There's not a trace of cnc to be seen at all.

And here is Pavel's equally remarkable NLG replica. Apparently
capable of in excess of 90mph and as he circulated it looked
like he was not far off that speed. I would love to know what he
was clocked at.

As it was the year of the ABC here's an ABC racer. 

A pair of Harley J based board trackers.

A very lovely and very early FN.

BSA Model E ready to circulate.

Replica penny farthing type device.

An ABC out on the track.

A pair of Bedelia cyclecars pass by.

American Excelsior board tracker.

Bedelia again.

Hurtu tandem.

Monet & Goyon Automouche.

This Moulton mounted cyclist kept up a really good pace.

The veteran motorcycle / bicycle / general slow vehicle
parade was one of the most fun by far.

FN four whisps by.

You can't take yourself too seriously in a Velocar!

Sunbeam and Harley v twins.

Harley board tracker.

And finally a BSA Model E 770cc v twin.

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