Friday, May 19, 2017

Luckiest lad in the street

Great thirties photo of a lad posing with his swanky new cycle. A proper posh job too fitted with hub brakes; unusual for a 'juvenile' size bicycle. The cycle looks like it is on 24 inch rims. I'm not sure of the make but Phillips would be a good guess.

It is strange and evocative that even every inch of the background dates the photo. Very different flower planting to today's gardens, an arts and crafts arbour and a roofline devoid of tv aerials and satellite dishes.


  1. Generator kit, pump, fenders, rear basket... but no chain guard? It's a problem, too, as pants tucked into socks testifies.

  2. bicycle clips, not tucked in trousers, spot the little milage counter on the front hub?